Men vs Women in the Use of the Internet

How many times a day do you check your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? With the help of Smart Phones there is an app that makes daily use of social media extremely accessible. But I wonder, do men have an stronger online presence or do women?

According to the Pew Research Center, “It’s a Women’s (Social Media) World“!

This graph shows the varying degree of engagement of men and women using different social media sites. While it is not all female dominant, the overall average is an 8% difference.


The findings of three Nielsen global surveys shows that globally, women are connecting for social reasons more than men. Women stated that they use social networks in order to stay in touch with family and friends. The results of the study showed 65% of women using social media for online communication vs. 53% for men. “More women also use social media than men as a creative outlet, particularly for blogging and uploading/sharing photos (28% women vs. 23% men) and for entertainment purposes (48% women vs. 45% men).”

The Nielsen findings suggest an intriguing generality, though, to women’s digital affinities: The ladies aren’t just more likely to buy stuff online; they’re more likely to be online in the first place. They’re more likely to blog. They’re more likely to be on Facebook or Twitter. They’re more likely, in general, to represent themselves as digital personas.

Why more women then men blog is hard to say. It’s easy to start a blog (you’re reading one right now) but why are more women then men blogging? It takes a lot of time and focus in order to be a great blogger. One must post on a regular basis in order to keep readers engaged. There are millions of blogs out there but about anything and everything. People blog about what is most important to them and often times you will see bloggers pulling from other sites that cover the same topics- these topics mainly are written by people of the same sex as that blogger. With more women blogging than men it’s evident that the female blogging community helps to support each other by drawing on works of their female peers. In turn, this allows for the female population of bloggers and grow and it encourages other to do the same since they see the amount of support coming from other women bloggers!

As the internet and social networking continue to grow, I am confident that the number of female online users will only grow with it. Blogging too will continue to become more and more popular. But it’s creating a successful blog that one must look at next..


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