How Do YOU Appear Online?

Over 40% of the world has access to the internet and they are not afraid to use it. Right now there are about 3 BILLION internet users according to That’s almost half the world’s population. reports of all the sites that these nearly 3 billion people are visiting the top three sites are Google, YouTube, and Facebook. Social Media sites have become a huge part of our daily routine and it is evident through these statistics.

This visual from Digital Insights looks at the latest social media statistics for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat, YouTube and blogs. Some of the mind-blowing facts from the infographic include:

  • 75% of the engagement on a Facebook post happens in the first 5 hours.
  • 44% of users on Twitter have never sent a tweet!
  • 84% of women and 50% of men stay active on Pinterest.
  • More than 2 users sign-up for LinkedIn every second.
  • 23% of teens consider Instagram as their favourite social network.
  • Weekends are the most popular time to share Vines.
  • Number of snaps sent per day on SnapChat is 400 Million. (Yeah! that’s true)
  • 40% of YouTube traffic comes from mobile.

Social Media and the internet is a great place to create an online persona. It doesn’t happen overnight and there are some tips and tricks to making work but if you are successful you can pretty much do ANYTHING! Forbes discusses “The First Steps to Building your Personal Brand”. This is important they say because, “Whether you’re on the job hunt, a student, or gainfully employed, you must think, act, and plan like a business leader. With the surge of social media, you have not only the ability, but you now have the need to manage your own reputation, both online and in real life.” The Guardian also gives great tips for improving your online brand.

While these steps seem like  piece of cake, gaining a following and being able to excel in the online world isn’t all that it appears. Later on in this blog I will be highlighting women who have taken on the challenge of creating an online brand and achieving success!


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